#6 From Christianity to Judaism

It has been awhile since my last blog post. I was going to share my whole journey but it is just too much. Too many questions. Too many tears. Too overwhelming.

Here’s what I can tell you.

The more I research and the more I learn about Judaism and the more I read the Torah the more I realize Christianity did NOT come from Judaism. Christians believe or rather I believed that Christianity came from Judaism and that all of our beliefs were pretty much the same since we worship the same God. I thought the only difference was that the Jews didn’t recognize Jesus as a messiah and that they missed the signs. I thought that was the only difference. But NO! I am finding that EVERYTHING Judaism is completely different from Christianity.

Jews read the Torah and speak Hebrew and live the culture. When you read Jewish commentary vs Christian Theologian commentary they clearly show that they are two completely different religions. There is no way that Christianity came from Judaism.

Things that I have noticed that are different are:

Who God is?

Heaven vs Hell

What happens after we die?

What is to happen when the Messiah comes?

Purpose of life?

The Tithe

Forgiveness of sins

These are all basic foundational beliefs. I have been watching Tenak Talk on YouTube as well as watching and reading from Jewsforjudaism.org and learning a lot. In what I have learned is that Christianity is no better than Mormonism, Jehova Witness, witchcraft or the occult. I don’t say this lightly.

I was water baptized as a child and spent 20  years really involved in church, read my bible, and was in the healing and deliverance ministry. I spoke in tongues, was holy spirit baptized, and cast out demons. I was full in. I lived a quiet life crucifying my flesh and seeking fully after God. I didn’t look like the world. I was separate. I even dropped out of bible college because I questioned too much stuff. Things didn’t fit right.

Many of the ideas of Christianity such as the idea that God and Satan are battling it out is from Canaanite mythology. So is the idea of Heaven and Hell.

Today I thought about this scripture….acts 16:18. This is the story where Paul casts out the spirit of divination. If you look in the original Greek language the word actually used is Python and it describes that python is a god in mythology. Here in America, we are taught that Greek Mythology is fake but in Greece, it is taught as History. Paul turned and he cast out a mythological god, python.

I also found out that all other religions have a “gift of speaking in tongues” and they also cast out “demons”. Hindu, Budhist, etc….. Christianity is no different from these religions.

My eyes have been opened and I am no longer a Christian. I encourage you to do your research and when things don’t add up don’t just put them to the side and ignore them. Ask and seek God for Truth. I have spent the last 3 years asking God for HIS wisdom, knowledge, and understanding and this is where he has led me.

I don’t know what I am going to do now with my youtube channel, or my blog. Quite honestly I feel dirty like I came out of a cult. I feel ashamed, I feel stupid, I feel like a fool. The only reason I am posting this here is that I hope it will help someone else come out of the dark. I will be deleting all of these blog posts soon but for now, this is where I stand.


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