#5 From Christianity to Messianic Jew to Judaism…..Oh My!!


You may want to first read my blog posts ….question everything….why? & Divination is “Learning by experience”  & blog #3 Keeping the Sabbath Holy  & #4 etc..as this is my fourth blog post in how God revealed the truth about Christianity. This was a journey with God as I sought his wisdom for all of my questions regarding the church and Christianity. I guarantee that if you follow these blogs your eyes will be opened in a whole new way.

After finding out about the name Jesus and how it is not really the name of our savior I began to look more into how the Bible was translated.

In layman’s terms because sometimes I’m not all that smart but I can get the jist of things here goes….

Dead Sea Scrolls were written in Hebrew and Aramaic. Translated into Greek, translated into Latin, translated into English? I’m not really sure but I do know that they use the dead sea scrolls to legitimize the New Testament.

Then those people built a theology around the scripture and fed that to us as Catholicism. People disagreed with the translations, and the interpretations and eventually there was a new denomination created, then another and another until now we have over 35 denominations.

We could go over to the Complete Jewish Bible and read it as translated from Jewish people who know Hebrew and Aramaic and who know Hebrew culture for a much better translation. You have to be careful when getting commentary from Rabbi’s as many don’t believe the Jewish Bible is the correct translation because it has the Messiah in it with the New Testament.

Messianic Jews are who follow the Complete Jewish Bible and they have a lot of division among them on their theology as well. It’s like you have a measuring scale. You have Judaism on one end and Christianity on the other end. You need to find a middle ground that is correct. So far the only middle ground that I can find is a tiny remnant called the Natsarim and the Apostle Paul was their ringleader.

They use the BYNU Bible translated from Hebrew to English with both New and Old Testaments.

The middle ground is believing in Yeshua as the Messiah and the great commission of casting out demons in his name and authority along with walking in the spirit while following the times and seasons of God. Shabbat on Saturday, Passover instead of Easter, Hanukah instead of Christmas and all the other Jewish festivals and feasts, eating Kosher.

You have to find where the fruit is and where there is no division to find center.

Judaism doesn’t believe in the New Testament at all.

Messianic Judaism doesn’t really believe in deliverance ministry of spiritual warfare using casting out demons, breaking soul ties and curse, etc…

For myself, I received the gift of tongues as a young child not knowing what it was. I also prayed for myself, my parents, my stepson all using the gift of tongues, breaking soul ties and curse as well as casting out spirits and we all found miraculous healing. There was LOTS OF FRUIT.  I never sought gifts but I have the gift of visions, dreams, tongues, healing, prophecy, and words of knowledge. I ran after God and didn’t care what man said. I believed scripture and sought that and found MUCH fruit and unity of my spirit.

So many people think the answer is either / or when in actuality the answer is both. It’s both Torah and the great commission with the gifts. ……Welcome to the Natsarim.


After more research……………………

I kept doing more and more research. If Christianity came from Judaism like Christians believe then let’s see what Judaism believes.

I began to research:

  • Heaven & Hell the difference in beliefs which are so very different.
  • End Times Messiah for the Jews vs Christianity End times destruction.
  • The purpose of this life.

I began to question Messianic Judaism in with the same fervor that I was questioning Christianity. It appeared that Jews still felt like Messianic Jews were still Christian just in a different package. I felt that the Messianic churches were still too divided and a new denomination basically and just as divided as Christianity.

Two themes kept popping into my head.

  1. Where is the fruit?
  2. A divided house cannot stand?

This was the litmus test by which I was measuring everything.

I kept crying out to God every night. “I just want the truth! Show me the Truth!”

I watched YouTube video after video. I also ordered a Tanakh and I ordered a Chumash which is basically just the first 5 books of the Bible with TONS of Jewish commentary by several Rabbi’s. As I read their commentary I found a God that was kind, compassionate, loving, soft, and tender. The Jewish God is not harsh and hard like the Christian god. The Christian god says that you must believe in Jesus or go to hell and is driven by fear. The God of the Jews is patient and wait 120 years giving people time to repent for their wicked ways before he flooded the earth. The god of Christianity tells you that there is an unforgivable sin that will send you to hell and you cannot even repent.

I began to discover that the God is not a man. If you just read the Torah with Jewish commentary you will see who God really is.

Why wouldn’t you want to read it? After all, this is where our religion of Christianity came from right? Or maybe not and that is why we have a completely different book with our own theology that doesn’t contain Jewish theology. Jewish theology and Christian theology are completely different on EVERYTHING.

Christianity is no better than a cult built around and taking concepts from Judaism to twist and lie to the masses. It is the spirit of Babylon. Watch the video below. forward to about 24 minutes in and watch to the end. The end is where I really began to understand and see that Christianity is a cult.

The YouTube channel that this comes from is Tenak Talk with Wil’liam Hall and I thank him so much for opening my eyes.

Look for teachings by these Rabbi’s:

One comment

  1. What do you mean with “The Jewish God is not harsh and hard like the Christian god. “? My Christian God (like you would say) is not at all a hard or unloving or unrighteous God. My God is also not Jesus, and as such a faking god, but the God of Abraham, Who is a singular eternal Being.

    You say “Christianity is no better than a cult built around and taking concepts from Judaism to twist and lie to the masses.” The video is much too long to follow all the “babbling” where i got the impression there is much more spoken about Christendom with its human dogma’s instead of Christianity.


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