#3 Keep the Sabbath Holy

You may want to first read my blog posts ….question everything….why? & Divination is “Learning by experience” as this is my third blog post in how God revealed the truth about Christianity. This was a journey with God as I sought his wisdom for all of my questions regarding the church and Christianity. I guarantee that if you follow these blogs your eyes will be opened in a whole new way.

As I began to slip away from Christian theological beliefs regarding Torah I began to have more and more questions. If I was lied to about Paul not following Torah and the tithe being mandatory, what else was I lied to about? The next truth that I found was the Sabbath.

God created for six days and then on the seventh day he rested. God made the seventh day holy and for rest. It was the devil working through man that stole this holy day from us. He didn’t just change the day but it snuck in the fact that it is the day that the pagans worship the sun god. God is beyond space and time and he made the seventh day holy for rest and intimacy with him. Now that our eyes are opened we cannot just continue to stay worshipping on Sunday.

  1. Sunday / Yom Rishon
  2. Monday / Yom Sheini
  3. Tuesday / Yom Shilshi
  4. Wednesday / Yom Rivee-ee
  5. Thursday / Yom Chamishi
  6. Friday / Yom Shishi
  7. Saturday / Yom Shivee-ee / Shabbat aka the Sabbath, the day GOD made HOLY

Did you ever tell your kids to not do something only to find out that they did it anyway? Did they somehow twist your words so that it could SEEM like it was okay?

That is exactly what we do when we celebrate Shabbat on Sunday. The seventh day is the holy day, not the first day. We cannot as humans take what God created for the seventh day and as mere men apply it to Sunday, the first day. What ABSOLUTE PRIDE AND ARROGANCE!!

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