#1 ….question everything…..WHY?


Let’s say you have a car that is broken down. You take it to the shop. The Mechanic that you talk to has a Ph.D. in auto mechanics, but he has never actually worked on a vehicle before. He can only tell you everything about the car and what might be wrong with it and how to possibly fix it.

OR you can go to another mechanic and that mechanic may not have a Ph.D. in auto mechanics, but he has worked on cars his whole life since he was a kid with his father. He can tell you AND show you what is wrong with your car AND he can even fix it for you.

Which Mechanic would you want to take your car to?

Let’s for a moment say that the first mechanic, the one with the Ph.D. but no hands-on experience, is like the Christian Church. And let’s say the second mechanic, no Ph.D. but has TONS of hands-on experience, is like Messianic Judaism.

Now, which person would you rather learn about God from?

The translator that never lived in a Hebrew/Jewish culture and Hebrew isn’t his mother tongue? Or would you rather learn from someone who lives the Hebrew/Jewish culture and is fluent in Hebrew?

I have been questioning a lot of what I know and why I do the things that I do. Two themes that the Holy Spirit keeps talking to me about is:

  1. “A divided house cannot stand.” Yet the Christian faith has over 35 denominations.
  2. “You will know them by their fruit.” Truly what fruit have I seen in all these years of walking in Christianity?

The basic gospel that Jesus preached was:

  1. Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.
  2. Go out into all the world and preach the Kingdom of Heaven.
  3. These signs will follow them that believe: they will cast out devils, lay hands on the sick and they will recover, you will drink deadly poison and by no means will anything harm you.

Keeping all this in mind; a divided house cannot stand, you will know them by their fruit, and the Great Commission from Jesus, then WHY are churches filled with people that look and act like the world?

They tattoo themselves up and justify it by making their tattoos scriptures or cutesy little critters like frogs and butterflies. They are just as sick and are dying like unbelievers of all sorts of diseases. They struggle with poverty and lack just like so many unbelievers. They bicker and fight over theological beliefs which cause disunity and end friendships.

My question again is, where is the fruit of the Christian Church? It’s obviously divided into an extraordinary amount of denominations so it cannot stand.

My conclusion:

  1. Gods word is not wrong.
  2. The church must be believing a lie and doing something wrong.

So then where do we go from here?

For two years I have been hearing REFORMATION to TRANSFORMATION. Now, why would you believe anything that I have to say that I believe is from God? Let me share a bit about myself and see if this will give you some confidence in my hearing from God correctly.

I have been a Christian for 20 years. I entered in due to being suicidal, depressed, negative mindset, anxiety and panic attacks. Through growing in a deliverance ministry, a ministry of spiritual warfare; tearing down strongholds, binding and casting out demons, breaking curses and soul ties, I found true peace and freedom. I have become a very stable person, very reliable and dependable. I used to be extremely dysfunctional and was truly a lost and broken soul. Through this spiritual warfare, I have come to a true maturity in Christ. I prayed for my stepson, using spiritual warfare principals,  and saw him healed instantly of an autoimmune disease. Doctor verified. In 2016 I quit my 40-hour job and sold my car and everything I owned in a quest to find the heart of the father for my life and my destiny. I have two part-time caregiving jobs and I spend about 12-18 hours a day in prayer, worship, and the word. I live, eat and breath spiritual things and I have no friends or social life. I am a single woman just hanging out with my dogs and God when I am not at work.

Why did I quit my job and sell all of my possessions? Because I spent 17 years doing church 100% and my life lacked fruit. I wanted to rid myself of all my fleshly desires and my own knowledge and understanding. My prayers changed and I spent a lot of time face down on the floor crying out to the Lord.

Lord, I submit, surrender and yield my mind, my thoughts, and my actions to your way, your truth and your life. Forgive me of all pride, selfishness and self-preservation. Make me look like you so that it is no longer me who lives but Christ in me. Fill me with your knowledge, your wisdom and your understanding. Fill me with your truth and show me my purpose, my ministry and my destiny.

I prayed like this every day for 3 years. I watched my mind become clear, I received deliverance after deliverance as the Holy Spirit revealed truth and what was keeping me in bondage. The fruit of these prayers has been amazing. I began a YouTube Channel, Instagram and blog so as to have an outlet for what the Lord was revealing to me. I have no social life and it was also an avenue to find fellowship and conversation.

So, with that said I hope that you can see my heart and my intentions and that I do hear from God. I don’t claim to be a prophet or know anything except what I have experienced. I don’t have a theological degree I just have an intensely intimate relationship with the creator of the universe through humbling myself and coming to HIM like a small child ready to learn.

I began to question everything.

Why is there no fruit of God’s word in the church?

Why is there so much division and lack of love in the church?

How did the Bible come to be the bible?

How did the church come to be the church?

Why do we do worship first, then announcements, then sermon and do communion once a month?

Why am I friendless and alone when these people at church are supposed to be full of God’s love?

Why are Christians hurting as much as unbelievers?

Why are Christians just as sick and poor as unbelievers?

Why is the church not casting out demons?

Why are we not seeing people healed and they are dying at the same rate as unbelievers?

Why are there so many ministries that are teaching people how to prophesy?

Why are so many people seeking gifts and not God?

I had question after question and the Lord blessed me with a miraculous amount of money. I felt this was the go-ahead to enter into bible college. It was 6 months after I quit my job and sold everything. I did two semesters of bible college and this is what I learned.

  1. God kept Israel separate from the rest of the world. He wanted them to keep his commands so that they would be clean and able to be in relationship with him. Today Christ cleanses us so that in Christ we can have relationship with the creator God. He also gave them feasts and festivals of celebration to recognize and remember the things that God had done for them. Basically, he built a culture for his people so that they wouldn’t become a part of the pagan cultures around them. He was their king or rather wanted to be until they begged for a king and He gave them Saul. But He was mad because his people, Israel, wanted to look like the other people, the pagans, and have a king like them.
  2. In Biblical Exegesis class, I was told not to over-spiritualize the bible. This didn’t sit well with me as God is 100% spirit.
  3. I also was taught in Biblical Exegesis to not use analogy because God does not use analogy. But I am thinking to myself “Jesus spoke in parables. Parables are analogy”. Also, the Holy Spirit ALWAYS speaks to me with analogy and you will find me explaining the things of God through analogy.

I dropped out of bible college after the second semester because this just didn’t hit my spirit with truth. I then quit attending church.


Why would I believe a bunch of Christian Theology that comes from the time of Constantine and the philosophers? They are not Jews.

I should be learning about a Jewish God, a Jewish Messiah from a Jew, and since I am grafted in I should be following their Jewish customs and celebrations. If I am in Christ I am a seed of Abraham. I inherit the blessing of Abraham on my life. I am an adopted Jew. So why am I following pagan holidays and celebrations and learning about a Jewish God and the Jewish religion from non Jews?

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  1. *[[Gal 4:24]] NASB.* This is allegorically speaking: for these {women} are two covenants, one {proceeding} from Mount Sinai bearing children who are to be slaves; she is Hagar.

    This is proof that analogy/allegory are biblical. Be encouraged, keep pressing on. Shalom!


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