My Vegan Dog: Lentils & Rice Recipe

**Disclaimer I’m not sponsored and receive no money for recommending these products. This is just what I use to feed my dogs. I’m not trained at all in veterinary care and am just your average person who loves research and wanting to feed my dogs the best I can.

While I was eating raw vegan and seeing healing in my own body I began to wonder why I”m feeding my dogs meat. I did a lot of research and found that dogs can also eat a plant diet. They cannot technically be vegan as they don’t have the choice to make ethical and moral decisions about life. But they can, however, thrive on a plant-based menu.

I found several recipes and played around, and continue to adjust my recipe. To get you started here is a basic recipe. I give my dog both cooked food and raw veggies at each meal. I feed them twice a day. I also give them homemade dog cookies made from peanut butter and chickpea flour.

I cannot stress enough that you ABSOLUTELY MUST supplement. I know some people will say,” I”m against supplements” but that is out of ignorance. Most of the processed foods that you are eating are supplemented. Milk is fortified with vitamin D. Cereals are fortified with folate and vitamins. All packaged dog food is full of supplements. For plant-based eating dogs, you’ll want a few supplements and they are:

  • Taurine (amino acid)
  • L-Carnatine  (amino acid) …you will want to research and talk to your vet. I was giving this but eventually stopped as I learned more about it. 
  • Cranberry (for urinary tract health due to such an alkaline menu)
  • Vitamin D  & Vitamin B12 (my dogs get these from a daily multivitamin supplement. Be very careful as you can overdose your dog with vitamin D. Do not give a human vitamin) 

Here are some of the products that I use.

Cardio Strength for the L-Carnatine and Taurine in the morning. L-Carnatine provides lots of energy so I give this to my dogs in the morning. I suggest you speak with your vet to discern the right dose for your dog. Or call the company.

Taurine in the evenings. I supplement with a human vitamin. I can’t find a dose smaller than 500 mg so I just split one capsule between two dogs.

Cranberry for the urinary tract support. MUST HAVE.

H3 Essentials for the Daily Multi-Vitamin, which provides B12 and D vitamins.

My dogs are:

Frisco – 10 lb Pomeranian Chihuahua mix , 8 years old, we are down to two seizures in the last 10 months which is really good. This as of June 2018.

Molly –  8 lb Chihuahua, 5 years old, had some sort of crust on her ears for years, its now gone.

Arrow – Papillion, 4 years old Mix gained weight. He was underweight. I don’t think he was absorbing nutrients from his food.

Cinder – Scottish Terrier, 3 years old,  energy.

Plant Based Circa May 2017


In the Instant Pot or other pressure cooker

3 cups of lentils

2 cups of brown rice

rinse and fill to 8 cup line

add frozen green beans, and frozen spinach about a cup to two cups total.

cook for 30 minutes on the manual setting.

Thaw a bag of frozen peas on the counter while the lentils and rice cooks.

Once cooked peas are thawed I like to process my peas in the food processor to make them smaller. Toss them in the instant pot with the cooked food.

Add in a can of either sweet potato, pumpkin or butternut squash.

Blend with an immersion blender.

Put into food storage containers either in the fridge or freezer. I usually have a freezer full and a couple days in the fridge.

I also blend up a bunch of raw veggies in the food processor: bell peppers, carrots, celery, zucchini, cucumbers, etc…

I put the food in the dog dish, add 2 tablespoons of the raw veggie mix and then put the supplements on top and stir. If too dry I add a little water or coconut water to moisten it.

My dogs love their food and are extremely healthy with the go-ahead from my vet. I hope yours enjoy it as well.

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