My Cholesterol After 11 Months Plant Based

I never worried about high cholesterol. It always just seemed like an arbitrary number to me. I would hear the doctor tell me that my cholesterol was above 200, but it would go in one ear and out the other. In my mind, I was too young to have a heart attack.

During one of my visits to the ER, the nurse questioningly mentioned it said I have heart disease in my chart. I was disgusted and said, “NO! I have SVT.” SVT is an irregular heart rhythm that can go extremely high and cause a person to have their heart, cardio averted either with those electric paddles or in my case chemically with Adenosine. Either way, the point is to get the heartbeat to stop so it can restart into a regular rate. Admittedly this was the first time that I ever really considered that I might need to worry about how high my cholesterol was. I am approaching the big FIVE ZERO.

I began a journey into the raw vegan diet. I had a lot of health issues and the more I read about raw veganism the more I thought I might try it. I dove in and was raw for around 10 months. I had large smoothies, “nice” cream bowls (frozen banana’s made into ice cream), and lots of big salads, and snacked on fruit, nuts, and seeds. I enjoyed it from February through August and then the urge to eat cooked food was just too much.

In 2015 my total cholesterol was 235. In 2017 total cholesterol was 200. That may not seem like too much but the triglycerides which is cholesterol in your blood was pretty low so in spite of being at 200 my risk for heart attack is extremely low.


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