16 oz. Celery Juice Daily

After reading the book The Medical Medium by Anthony William I began to juice 16 oz. daily of organic celery. He is a simple video of me juicing.

When I began this health journey I was in so much pain. I was in my mid 30’s when it began. For over a decade I lived with pain and inflammation in my knees, hips, and hands. I felt heavy as if I was carrying a lead weight on my back. I hurt all over and felt like an 80-year-old woman. I would get up out of bed or stand up from a chair and would have to stand for a minute to regain my strength and limber up my joints to prepare myself to walk. I was stiff.

In 2010 I discovered Juice fasting and fasted to detox my body. I discovered during this time that I was gluten intolerant. The intolerance was what was causing all of the pain and inflammation in my body. I’m maintaining the weight now through eating plant-based. I tried the raw diet thing for 10 months and now I’m just whole foods plant based with no animal products.

I read the medical medium.  I found that I could just drink celery juice every day and the fatigue and brain fog cleared. So today, 8 months later,  I continue to drink celery most days for energy and a clear mind.

If you haven’t read the Medical Medium I suggest you do. It has a lot of really great information. I picked up the book from my local library. …Actually, I think I rented it electronically.


*** Update: June 2018 I have not been juicing celery now for about 6 months. The brain fog and fatigue continue to stay away and I have energy and a clear mind and my digestion is doing great. I think juicing for a year really helped.

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